St. Louis Wellness Center

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Areas of Practice


I provide individual counseling with a focus on addressing and overcoming issues of grief, depression, anxiety and stress. I believe in the importance of a collaborative client/therapist relationship and support the therapeutic process with hands-on, practical and educational solutions to utilize throughout your daily life. Due to our unique and complex nature as human beings, there is not and cannot be a universal therapeutic mentality. Together, we will consider the whole person, creating an authentic environment in order to facilitate real engagement and change. While I will provide various tools, approaches and skills to help guide and empower you, your individual needs, interests and desires will lay the foundation that is most successful for you.

Treatment Modalities

My treatment modalities of choice include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness strategies, and providing education on the power of the mind and how it interacts with and affects our body. Incorporating yoga or another physical modality of your choice to engage with your body and further treatment and healing is an additional intervention that can be explored. We are multi-faceted, therefore so is our approach. You will take an active role in your healing process, and I will strive with you to foster a supportive, positive and confidential environment in order to promote a safe space for growth.

My Vision

Knowledge is power. Change comes when we can identify our strengths and weaknesses, remain open to new ideas and create behavior patterns and thought processes that propel us in a proactive direction. Molding newly learned skills with existing strengths allows us to maintain our healthy changes, creating long-lasting effects that will positively impact all our engagements and empower us to reach our own fulfillment.